Water  drop falling to a liquid surface.

Natural Meditation with Timothy Fitzwilliam

Saturday mornings at Yoga Luna, Bern

8:45 - 10:00

Dates:  4.5, 11.5, 18.5, 1.6, 8.6, 29.6, 6.7, 13.7

Yoga Luna ¦ 30 Munstergasse ¦ 3011 Bern

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First class is Saturday 4th of May

Come, give yourself the space to explore your inner life, to relax, to learn, to evolve. Along with time for meditation, this class offers teachings and perspective on how to meditate, as well as an opportunity to share and hear how others experience meditation. Our focus will be on bringing our awareness to the present moment, and being curious about our immediate experience, a curiosity led by our felt sense of the moment, not led by our thoughts. The breath will be our main guide. This class is about learning to become intimate with your inner world  - your mind, your heart, your soul.

Drawing on 17 years of life devoted to inner awakening, with meditation being my primary tool, what I share is grounded in my personal experience, along with the wisdom of my teachers. I encourage an embodied approach to meditation, where you are free to move, stretch, lay down, or even sleep if that is what your body needs.

This class is designed for beginners and advanced meditators alike. One 25 minute sitting meditation will be the heart of the class. We will start with free movement in order to connect with our bodies, and guidance will be given during the beginning of the sit. Afterwards, there will be space within the circle for dialog with me about your personal meditation experience. Instruction will be given in German, with English translation when needed. Dialog can be in German or English.

Cost: 10-CHF

Dates:  4.May, 11.May, 18.May, 1.June, 8.June, 29.June, 6.July, 13.July

“Do not recall
Do not reflect
Do not anticipate
Do not meditate
Do not analyze
Settle into the real nature.”

               - 10th century Buddhist master Tilopa