Seminars 2019


New Years Retreat

December 28. 2019 - January 1. 2020

Ruckhardtshausen 1 , 74613 Oehringen, Germany


Honoring our Deeper Nature - Celebrating our Path and our Aliveness

What will we do?:

We will dance together, eat together, sing, share, and pray together. We usually have long and beautiful check-ins, lots of us cry, pretty much all of us laugh. Everyone is welcome just the way you are. We will invite the guidance of the present moment into our lives with inquiry-based partner work, silent meditation, and sacred ritual. We will give space for the deeper parts of ourselves to be felt, honored, and integrated. We will be inspired by eachother's beauty and authenticity, nourished by the love we feel for one another, and supported on our paths. And we'll celebrate the new year - inviting our life's purpose, the embodiment of our ideals, and good luck into the coming year, and identify and let go of all that is not serving us (and give space to not knowing what the difference is between the two of these polarities in our lives).

Jayanara needs to celebrate her own New Years this year in the silence and protection of alone time. She will miss you all, but sends her blessings in the form of Alima!  This year, Alima Stoeckel will join me in facilitating this retreat. Many of you know her because she has come to our last 2 New Years Retreats and offered rituals, sufi dances, spiritual practice and one-on-one support.


We will gather again at the Farmhouse of Andrea (Rafia) and Wolfgang (Salik) Sieglin.
Ruckhardtshausen 1
74613 Oehringen


Crystl will cook delicious food for us again - and she has gotten quite good at taking care of our vegan and gluten free eaters.


December 28th – January 1st
Arrival will be in the afternoon on the 28th. Dinner will be served, and our first session will be after dinner on the 28th.
Departure will be around 10.00 in the morning on January 1st (the seminar house has another group coming in the afternoon of January 1st).


200 - 250 euros - sliding scale.
This includes food, cooking, seminar, and lodge for 4 nights
You can wire the money to my account before the retreat, or pay in cash at the retreat.
We would love to have you! We don’t want anyone to not come because of money, so please contact us if you want to come but need to pay less.
Who should come?:
Approximate age range: 16 - 35
The retreat is in English. German translation will be available. If you need French translation please contact me and I'll see what we can do.

You are most welcome to invite people in your life who you think would love to come!

Contact and Registration:

Khurshid Tim Fitzwilliam: 0041 76 447 50 93 :