About Me

     Since I was 19 years old I have been aware of a living desire in me to help others on their inner journey of self-discovery.

     At that age, I had already gone through a couple years of major life transformation. I had left behind the rough form of the old me, and an innocent, young seeker-after-truth remained, devoted to an inner journey of realizing my highest ideals. I let go of the cultural expectation to go to school or get a career. Instead I trusted that my pure longing for something deeper (which I called different names at different times - such as God, or enlightenment, or my essence) would lead me where I needed to go. I knew that my journey would gift me with something precious to offer the world.

     For the last 18 years I have focused on my own growth, on understanding my being, on learning to participate in and love the world, on finding stillness and wholeness, on learning how to do nothing but be - with wakeful presence.

     I met many spiritual teachers who helped me along my way, and eventually I learned how to listen to my own inner guidance. For work, I found myself in an array of different jobs, always fun and fulfilling in a unique way. Yet I could feel a deeper purpose always ripening.

     Today my being feels mature enough to help others - like the tree of my life is bearing fruit. I have a family. My meditations refresh me in an unfolding state of perfection. My cup is overflowing, and it flows into this work.




Timothy Khurshid Fitzwilliam

"You are pure consciousness, already free, awake, and liberated.

Stand up and walk out of your dream.

I am here to say that you can do this."

- Adyashanti